Is anyone else addicted to quizzes on Buzzfeed? Does it make a difference that I know what Disney Princess would be my best friend or what house colors I’d be wearing at Hogwarts? The answer is no, not at all (although I’m tempted to say yes to the last one). I think part of what makes us love those quizzes on Buzzfeed is that it’s a way to learn more about ourselves in a very casual, fun way.

In college I had a professor that made our class take a free personality test online. Out of the many classes I’ve taken, that was probably one of my favorites because it’s one of the few times I’ve felt that I’d actually take this lesson with me. The exact opposite from the way I felt when I had to learn how to map the ocean floor as a PR major.

So, I want to share this wealth with you…the wealth of emotional health!

This website – 16Personalities – gives users a free online quiz that takes only a few minutes, full of seemingly random questions. After completion, the quiz assigns you a personality coded by a descriptor title and 4 letters of the alphabet that all have a certain significance to your personality. You then can read an in-depth analysis of your personality including strengths, weaknesses, how you handle romantic relationships and more.

Life is basically you living through the good and the bad, and what matters is what you learn from those times and how you decide to handle them. This is where the personality test comes in. When you learn how you relate to the world, your strengths, your weaknesses and how you can make a difference for the people around you it only makes you more prepared for whatever life throws at you.

Take some time for yourself today!

– Paige (aka INFJ, The Advocate)