Electric Daisy Carnival 2018: Meet the 15 Female Producers Elbowing Into the All Boys Club (Photos)

These artists have outrun the Iranian “morality police,” hung with Vanessa Hudgens, and “play hard trap like the boys”

Mikey Glazer | May 18, 2018 @ 12:15 PM

From 17-year-old Houston producer spaceprodigi and a woman who outran the “morality police” in her native Iran, to entrepreneurial producers running their own festivals and fashion lines, here are the women adding a much-needed breath of gender diversity to the largest dance music festival in North America.

*The One to Watch* Spaceprodigi, 17, opening the main stage on Sunday night is dance music’s Timothée Chalamet. Instagram: @spaceprodigi (12,300 followers)   Real Name: Mack Bartsch, from Houston. On stage: This will be her second show ever. (Her debut was with founding generation techno artist Richie Hawtin.) Not many 14-year-old girls ask for Moog analog synthesizers for their birthday, the large hardware that makes her home studio look like the 1970s Dharma hatch from “Lost.”  Origin Story: “Most people think that I have a dad that got me into electronic music, but that’s not true,” she told The Party Report.  “When I was eight, I heard a track on a Top 40 radio station, and the sounds blew my mind.” Five years later, she would discover that the tune was Deadmau5’s “Ghosts n’ stuff.”

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