Stress. It’s the one thing in my life that keeps me from getting anything done. It’s insane how much stress can do to the human body. The worst part is that stress can happen to anyone at any time. No matter how old you are or what your profession is, stress seems to be inevitable. Being an extremely stress-prone person, I have managed to find some ways to cope with it especially when I’m at work. Workplace stress is common for a lot of people. When you have an endless to-do-list and not enough time, it’s easy for stress to weave its way in. Thankfully, there are many ways to help keep your stress at bay so you can get your work done.




1.Cozy Workplace

Loving your workspace is extremely important. I made my desk space as comfortable as possible because it’s where I spend most of my time! It’s important I enjoy being there. I know if I am physically uncomfortable, then my stress levels heighten. Whether it’s adding pictures, blankets, a pillow chair, hanging lights… anything to make it personal! A snug, yet productive, space is key when handling stress levels.




2. Stay Organized.

Oh yes, this was one is HUGE! Staying organized has been engraved in our

brains since we were young and there’s a reason for that – organization is a major component in helping you stay calm at work. For me, it’s lists. Lists make my world go round! My to-do list gets pretty big throughout the day and being able to split up and prioritize what needs to get done first is extremely helpful to help maintain my stress. I color code clients, keep a personal and professional calendar on my desk and keep files up to date and neat. Everyone has their own niche to stay organized, and it once you find yours – never let go.




3.  Breathe

This one might seem obvious, but I don’t mean just your typical inhaling and exhaling. I mean actually take the time to breathe. A deep inhale followed by a deep exhale can help relieve a lot of tension. Studies have shown that taking the time to focus on your breathing can do wonders for your body, especially stress. When people tell you to take a deep breath, it’s not in vain. So just take a deep breath, trust me.




4.  Stress Toy

A squishy ball or toy that you can literally squeeze when times get tough. I used to think that these things weren’t actually helpful until one of my colleagues got me a stress taco. It’s the perfect amount of softness and I find myself squeezing it without even realizing. It’s almost second nature for me now whenever I start to get stressed, I go right for my taco. Who would have thought that a taco helps me when I am stressed out! Find what kind of stress toy you like and keep it somewhere that’s easily accessible. A physical release can be a simple squeeze to bring you back from your stress-spiral and get you on track once again.




5.  Take a Walk

I’m sitting at a desk for most of my day and sometimes I get worn out just sitting and staring at a screen for so long. My colleagues and I will occasionally take a mid-afternoon stroll outside and around our building. It’s not a super long walk, but it gives us a chance to breathe in fresh air, get our legs moving and refresh our minds. For the days we’re swamped, these walks make all the difference to help us relax for a bit and recharge before getting back to it.

~Victoria Ramos