When people told me having kids would change your life…they were not kidding. Being a parent is no joke. That’s why I waited until I was REALLY ready to have kids. But then again are you ever really ready? Having children has changed the course of my career too. It’s crazy how your priorities change in an instant, even as a career focused woman. Prior to having children, I was able to have jobs that included travel or that required my time late at night. I still have clients that require me to staff and attend evening and weekend events, but it’s nowhere near what I used to do as a young, single publicist and that has taken some getting used to. Now, two small kids and a husband require my time and energy as does the PR career I’ve continued to build upon. This is where my #MomBoss mentality kicks in.

As a mom of an 8-month-old and 3.5-year-old I’ve learned more so than ever that life is a balancing act. PR is 24/7, so being a #MomBoss requires massive juggling skills to get everything done without losing your mind. It often feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day for everything, but I’ve picked up a few habits along the way that have helped me succeed both at home and in the office.

Here are a few tips for new moms in the workforce on how to manage a work/life balance and be a #MomBoss.







Plan Ahead

Planning and prioritizing is essential to help you get ahead in the game. I literally plan every waking minute of my day between home and work. Preparing the night before helps the next morning go as smooth as it possibly can with little ones. This time-saving act includes meal prep and picking out clothes for everyone but my husband. Thank goodness my toddler wears a school uniform, because that is one fight in the morning I don’t miss having. Who knew a 3-year-old would have an opinion on what he wears to school? Sunday’s are my go-to grocery shopping day so I can meal prep and plan for the week. That’s one less thing you need to worry about doing at the end of a long day.







Communicate with your team

Balancing work and play is an art, and if you are lucky enough to be able to mesh the two, even better. Working with some of Las Vegas’ biggest resorts and entertainment entities allows me to do just that. Admittedly, sometimes I have FOMO when I need to be at home with my family instead of at a client event, but that’s what my team is there for. It’s key to communicate with your colleagues what you can and can’t commit to. Most people don’t understand the pressures of being a parent and working a fast-paced job unless they have been in your shoes. However, being honest and willing to help in any way you can, will go a long way.






Make time for YOU

Happy mom, happy everyone, right?! Take time to do something for yourself and what makes YOU happy. Get some extra sleep. “Mommy brain” can be a curse or a blessing depending on which way you look at it. You’re either so tired you can’t remember what you had for lunch…that’s right, you forgot to eat, or your mommy brain is so good at multitasking that everything (and the kitchen sink) gets done. Keep achieving and continually educate yourself by listening to a motivational TED talk or podcast related to your field. Network and connect with likeminded colleagues.  As a mom and a boss, you’re put into the position where you’re “supposed to know everything,” so having that colleague or friend to lean on and bounce ideas off is key. I’m lucky to have some intelligent, outgoing and career driven, #BossBabe colleagues at KDC that I can also call my friends. So, say yes to the things that bring enjoyment to your life and no to the things not worth giving up any remaining free time you have.






Keeping everyone happy and succeeding at the same time is hard, but on those days when you’re able to do it, is the best feeling ever. It’s a work in progress, but you can be a #MomBoss too if you put your mind to it.

~Rachel Henry