Insomniac’s Pasquale Rotella On How Raves Started The Festival Movement In America

Steve Baltin

Insomniac Events CEO/Founder Pasquale Rotella started the company 25 years ago, in October of ’93, for one reason. “The death of the underground scene and my love for it is why I started Insomniac and why Insomniac exists today,” he says. “The underground rave scene had died in ’92. By end of ’92 , early ’93 it was over.”

Rotella had fallen in love with the scene as an attendee of underground events on a weekly basis. So with no one else throwing the parties he wanted to attend he took over the mantle.

Now he is the undisputed leader of the American dance music scene. As he points out when we meet in his Beverly Hills office, though EDM is no longer the commercial force it was three or four years ago, Insomniac events continue to not only thrive, but grow. EDC Vegas does over 460,000 fans.

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