Mammoth Vegas video screen dwarfs the display at Cowboys Stadium

The Fremont Street Experience’s revamped canopy is larger than 34,000 52-inch TVs stitched together.

If the 160-foot-long video screen that stretches between the 20-yard lines at AT&T Stadium wows you, then wait until you see the one that just powered up in downtown Las Vegas.

Following a yearlong $32 million overhaul and now more than 10 times larger than the Cowboys’ giant screen, the famous Fremont Street Experience’s Viva Vision video canopy clocks in as the world’s largest high-definition video screen. Designers wired more than 49 million LEDs into the 1,500-foot-long overhead video canopy, which arches 90 feet above a busy pedestrian mall along a five-block stretch of Fremont Street.

The revamped Viva Vision stretches across 130,000 square feet; that’s larger than 34,000 52-inch TVs stitched together. That ginormous screen at AT&T Stadium? It pencils out to roughly 3,000 of those same living room-size TVs.

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