If what happens in Vegas really stays in Vegas, then there’d be no worry of bringing COVID-19 back home after your southern Nevada getaway. Alas, the famous slogan doesn’t apply to contagious diseases.

That’s why the novel coronavirus pandemic is no joke even in a city crawling in comedy clubs, not that anyone can take in a show just yet. But after months of being uncharacteristically lifeless, the vast majority of casinos, hotels, restaurants and stores are back in business downtown and along the Strip.

Even higher and newer is Savory Bites & Neon Lights, a progressive dinner tour that’s oh so Vegas. Maverick Helicopters and Lip Smacking Foodie Tours have cooked up a high-flying fine-dining experience that takes the hungry and heights-loving to four top restaurants. Featuring fare at The Cosmopolitan, the epicurean itinerary launched only last week. After getting their fill, patrons become passengers as it’s off to the heliport and the wild, black yonder for a nighttime spin over the bright lights of the landmark-dotted city. Flights with bites start at $299 per person.

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