Is Electric Mile an event worth your time?

Lights that can be seen for miles. A long line of cars waiting to enter. EDM playing loudly in the distance. While driving by Santa Anita Park, located in Arcadia, you might think that there is some sort of rave happening. You are exactly right except for the fact that this rave happens all from the seats of your very own car and goes by the name of Electric Mile.

Living in the Pasadena area, I had driven past Electric Mile several times and was intrigued by the elaborate scene. I even went as far as to look it up and see what it was about. I then discovered that Electric Mile is an all-age, audio-visual experience that showcases different LED structures that can be seen for miles, and gets the participants as close to attending a rave as possible without actually attending a rave. I realized, however, that it was around $70 per car to attend and reconsidered my excitement for this drive-through.

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