Virgin Hotels set to open Thursday. Here’s what to expect.

Imagine taking a drive toward Las Vegas at sunset.

The light has started to dip behind the horizon, filling the air with pastel shades pink and purple. The desert landscape stretches before you, eternal, spotted with surprising bursts of green from cactuses and shrubs. Then, you see it: the hazy glow of Las Vegas’ lights in the distance.

That’s the feeling Virgin Hotels Las Vegas wants to give its guests when they step inside the newly renovated resort-casino. The property, set to open at 6 p.m. Thursday, has combined modern with midcentury; floral with industrial; loud, colorful pieces with white space.

“A lot of the inspiration really came early on from the travel that you would see as you came to Las Vegas through the desert,” said Gary Scott, chief operating officer for JC Hospitality, the hotel’s operator. “You’re going to see a lot of greenery … but it’s light, it’s fresh and it’s airy. And really, it embodies the spirit you might have found at Palms Springs years ago.”

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