Marshall Retail Group Announces Charitable Partnership with Miracle Flights

With their vast network of retail stores and significant presence in airports across the country, MRG is uniquely poised to help raise awareness and funding for the services provided by Miracle Flights.

“As an organization that prides itself in creating unique consumer experiences, we are nothing short of thrilled to be partnering with the life-changing non-profit, Miracle Flights, that does just that,” said Michael C. Wilkins, chief executive officer of Marshall Retail Group. “We are ecstatic to join Miracle Flights in their efforts to provide transportation for those seeking special medical assistance and are excited for what’s to come as a result of this corporate synergy.”

Kicking off the partnership on Friday, May 28, members from both Marshall Retail Group and Miracle Flights welcomed first-time-flyer Denise, 12, from San Antonio, TX who is battling stage-four cancer with smiles and signs when she and her family landed at McCarran International Airport. Denise and her family took a Miracle Flight to Las Vegas so she could pick up a golden doodle puppy provided by 4E Kennels Healing Hearts that will become her service dog and provide her comfort and support.

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