Marketing Re-Imagined: Chad Brown Of JC Hospitality On How We Can Re-Imagine The Marketing Industry To Make It More Authentic, Sustainable, And Promote More Satisfaction

An Interview With Drew Gerber

From an objective standpoint, we are living in an unprecedented era of abundance. Yet so many of us are feeling unsatisfied. Why are we seemingly so insatiable? Do you feel that marketing has led to people feeling unsatisfied and not having enough in life? If so, what actions can marketers take to create a world where people feel that they have enough, and they are enough? Can we re-imagine what marketing looks like and how it makes people feel?

In this interview series, we are talking to experts in marketing and branding to discuss how we might re-imagine marketing to make it more authentic, sustainable, and promote more satisfaction. As a part of this series, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Chad Brown, Chief Marketing Officer’s Biography.

Mr. Brown has 20+ years of combined advertising and marketing experience, over 17 of which are dedicated to the hospitality industry. In his current role as Chief Marketing Officer at JC Hospitality LLC, Mr. Brown is responsible for leading the marketing and advertising strategy across the multi-operator environment of Virgin Hotels Las Vegas. He leads the development of new brands, marketing, and promotional strategy for the company’s growing portfolio of investment, development, and management initiatives.

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