Marshall Retail Group (MRG), a WH Smith company, announced this week it will distribute and sell Miracle Flights’ Miles the Bear to support the charitable organization’s efforts to provide free airline tickets to those in need of life-changing medical care far from home.

Miles the Bear is Miracle Flights’ mascot who, for 30 years, has given children a travel-sized companion during their flights and treatment.

Beginning next month, MRG will be selling Miles the Bear for $20 at its terminal stores in airports around the country with the proceeds going to Miracle Flights.

“Miracle Flights is an incredible organization, and we are thrilled to introduce Miles the Bear to our shoppers as part of our continued partnership.” said Michael Wilkins, MRG CEO.  “Miles has provided comfort and security for many children who have flown with Miracle Flights, and we are so excited for the opportunity to bring him to travelers nationwide, while supporting Miracle Flights’ inspiring mission.

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