While battling brain cancer, Michael Graydon lives World Series of Poker dream

“In March of this year I was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer,” the 40-year-old wrote from his home in Moody, Alabama.

“Due to the location of my tumor there isn’t anything medically they can do. This year I want to play the World Series of Poker main event and I need your help. Selling 70% at no markup just love to play.”

Graydon didn’t think he would be able to raise the $7,000 contribution to the WSOP buy-in he was asking for, but a friend convinced him it was worth a shot.

The goal was reached within 30 minutes.

Full original post found here: https://www.espn.com/poker/story/_/id/32876450/while-battling-brain-cancer-michael-graydon-lives-world-series-poker-dream