David Herpers Of Credit One Bank On The Future Of Money and Banking

An Interview With David Liu

The way we bank has changed dramatically over the last decade. It was not too long ago when you had to wait in line in a bank to deposit money. Today things are totally different. You can do your banking without ever walking into a bank. In addition, the whole concept of money has changed. In the recent past, money usually meant bills and coins. But today, the concept of money has expanded to include digital currency and NFTs. What other innovations should we expect to see in banking in the short and medium term?

To address this, we are talking to leaders in the banking, finance, and fintech worlds, to discuss the future of banking and money over the next few years. As a part of this series, I had the pleasure of interviewing David Herpers.

David Herpers is a 30-year banking veteran and resident of Las Vegas, NV. David currently leads the digital deposit business at Credit One Bank where he is responsible for building out an online consumer deposit business that offers consumers the ability to open and manage deposit accounts online. Prior to his work at Credit One Bank, David held senior management positions with U.S. Bank, Bank of America, and Bear Stearns in addition to several smaller banking and finance companies. David has deep experience in retail banking, mortgage lending, auto lending, credit card lending and consumer deposit products, primarily in the marketing, product management and online banking disciplines. David actively volunteers with several non-profit organizations and currently sits on the board of Opportunity Village, a nonprofit serving the needs of people with disabilities in southern Nevada.

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