Break out your cameras and tastebuds for a drinking adventure at The Cosmopolitan! Property mixologist Andrew Pollard—a star in the Vegas beverage industry—has created a slew of new cocktails at various venues in the property. Not only do these cocktails, many based off classic cocktails, taste delicious, they are exciting to look at.

“In developing all these drinks, I’m always thinking about what environment they’re served in,” Pollard says. “There’s that experiential component, and what evokes experience? That sense of escapism. You have a chance to have destination cocktails. They transport you, take you to a different place.”

We’ve highlighted some of the cocktails at four different venues: The Chandelier, Ghost Donkey, Wicked Spoon and Vesper. Like the piña colada and the dark ’n’ stormy? Hit up The Chandelier. How about Manhattans? Visit Ghost Donkey. What about the gin and tonic or the mint julep? Head to Vesper. You down for a michelada? Try Wicked Spoon.

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