Where to Eat Prime Rib in Las Vegas

11 restaurants offering up this classic Vegas cut of steak

Prime rib served table side at Sara’s | Palms [Official Site]

Long before the celebrity chefs took over the Strip, Las Vegas relied on cheap prime rib to drive diners into the restaurants and have enough money left over to keep gambling. That era kicked off in 1942 with the Last Frontier, which served up “juicy rich prime ribs of Eastern steer beef, cooked in rock salt, served from the cart at your table with Idaho baked potato with chives, tossed salad, rolls and coffee” all for $1.50. Now, a whole rack of prime rib is a rarity in Las Vegas, and certainly not for $1.50. Instead, find restaurants that specialize in this cut of beef that is slowly roasted for hours, with the outside turning mahogany and the inside pink to the edges. Many of these restaurants in Las Vegas offer more than one cut, from thinly sliced English versions to monster double cuts with the bone left in. Here are eleven spots to try prime rib in Las Vegas, all listed in geographic order.

Primarily Prime Rib

The name says it all at this steakhouse at South Point. Five cuts of prime rib make the menu, including the 10-ounce South Point cut, the English cut with 10 ounces of thin cuts, the Rodeo cut with a thick 16-ounces slice, and the massive 26-ounce cowboy cut served bone-in.

Prime rib at Primarily Prime Rib
Prime rib at Primarily Prime Rib
 South Point [Official Site]

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